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Paint by Numbers Community Art Project
Three Rivers Artists Guild (TRAG)

Deadline: May 15, 2019

Calling out to all you Doodlers!! TRAG will be conducting a Community Art Project at the Downtown First City Celebration on July 13th in partnership with the Downtown Oregon City Association. It will be called Art in the Alleyways – the Paint by Numbers Project. We are looking for artists to create twenty 18×24” Paint by Numbers pieces. You will be assigned a letter. The only requirement is to make that letter visible on an 18×24 piece of paper. Any embellishment, decoration, or styling for the background or the letter itself is up to you. Create an outline of the piece and then number each section with a corresponding color you have selected. The finished letters will then be brought to a printer and copied onto foam sintra boards. These will be placed in the alleyways at the First City Celebration, and the public will be invited to color in the prints.

If you are interested or have any questions – please contact Trieste Andrews at [email protected]

A meeting to discuss the project in more detail and answer any questions (will I be compensated for my work (yes!), what do the letters spell? What happens after they’re colored in? Will they be displayed somewhere?) will be scheduled to kick off the project, and then doodle on!

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