Happy Summer Days!
The Estacada Summer Celebration is quickly approaching!  

This is the 20th year for the Estacada’s annual, FREE, volunteer-led music and arts festival. Our community will once again be filled with music, dance, puppets,  a fun and exciting Silent Art Auction, the ArtBack Mural project, and hands-on activities for children and families including a mini mural. Last year’s mini mural will be on display for this year’s celebration.

Can you please help make this possible by donating a piece of artwork or an item that relates to arts or music? Art of all kinds are welcome! Artist’s books, poetry, artwork including photographs, mixed media, floral arrangements, knitting projects, quilts, gifts, jewelry, cards, music compilations, theater items, gift certificates for products like body art or henna designs….the list is endless! Make this an opportunity to share what you create with the community!

Reach out to me and let me know if you are willing. Danielle Lucas, [email protected] or 971-978-8782.

It would be VERY helpful to have items delivered ahead of time, but by the 10 a.m. the morning of the Saturday Celebration, July 27th at the latest. The actual Art Auction begins at noon and will close at six.

What I will need to know is:

  • What you are donating (painting, sculpture, carvings, embroidery, pottery, mixed media, clothing, etc)
  • The name of your piece if applicable (If you want it to be known to the buyer)
  • Description of your piece (size, how it was made, or any details about it that you want known to the buyer – special techniques used, finishing or printing specifications, etc)
  • The value of your artwork (used for pricing the item in the auction)
  • Who you are: Provide your artist or business name and then your actual name for the Estacada Area Arts Commission records. We’ll need basic contact info too: your phone number/address/email 

You can also leave your business cards or artist statements with the art piece for the auction. During the celebration I can help promote your artistry during the auction too, to help boost your artistic presence and direct buyers to your booth if you have one in the festival.

Looking forward to seeing all the great art pieces and hopefully getting to know all of you! Let’s make this a great summer for the artist community! 

Thank you for all that you do! Keep Creating! 

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