Creative Spirits Gallery at WLLC presents

Outdoor Community Art Jams

4th Saturday of the Summer and Fall months

September 25

from 1-3pm

Creative Spirits Gallery at West Linn Lutheran Church is once again hosting a monthly outdoor event called Art Jam, which is open to all community members. It’s the fourth Saturday of the month, June through September. It’s outdoors, it’s free, it’s non-religious, it’s fun and informal.


What’s an art jam?
A freestyle artistic “jam session” on the beautiful grounds at West Linn Lutheran Church. A loose gathering where we make art of our choice, at our own pace, in company with friends and neighbors.
What kind of art?

Painting. Poetry. Photography. Calligraphy. Charcoal. Collage. Cross-stitch. iPad drawing. If you love to make it, and you can do it outside, you can bring it to Art Jam.

I want to come! Can I just show up?
Yes! We are pleased that the restrictions around participating in outdoor events have been removed. You are welcome to come and bring friends to any of the Outdoor Art Jams!

How does it work?
You choose what you make and where you make it. You can wander the labyrinth, breathe in the roses, or contemplate the oak grove. We’ll circle up at the end to share our creations and admire our neighbors’ talent. Restrooms will be available, but otherwise we will stay outside.

What else should I bring?
● Your art, and whatever you need to work on it comfortably. (An easel? A card table?)
● Maybe a hat? The point is: dress for the weather. We’ll be outside the whole time!
● A stadium seat, camp chair, or folding chair, if sitting in the grass is not your thing. There are a few benches and picnic tables available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
● A friend or more!

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