Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling is set to host the following upcoming online writing workshops.

Poetry Writing: Poems for a Better Nation | Kim Stafford, PhD
February 20-21, 9 am – 5 pm

In these days of frenzy and confusion, some bit of news, a scrap of story, a friend’s question, or some other morsel of language from the world may long to become a song, a poem, half a poem—may long to catch something mysterious about this life. In this online course, we will celebrate the winsome habit of poetry to turn small discoveries into the half-page where we say much in a few words.No previous experience is necessary for participation in this course, which is open to all teachers and writers. The class will utilize the online platform Zoom, with each of the two days designed to develop a learning community through a series of conversations, writing prompts, solo writing time, then sharing and discussion.

The Art of the Letter: Essential Communication for the Pandemic Age |  Laura Moulton, MFA
Saturdays, March 20 & April 17, 9:30 am -5  pm

Over the last year, letters have been used as tools to entreat voters, reach across political divides and communicate with loved ones during quarantine. This online workshop will investigate the culture of letter-writing and the revolutionary capacity made possible through the epistolary form. Through writing, reading and discussion, we’ll explore the ways letter-writing can strengthen our writing practices, sharpen our skills of observation, and enrich our classrooms. Together, we will challenge ourselves to write thirty letters in thirty days during the course of the month. Participants will come away from the workshop with inspired perspectives, fresh writing, and new ideas to apply toward lesson plans, classrooms and personal practice.

For more information or to register for a workshop, visit Lewis & Clark’s Continuing Education website: https://graduate.lclark.edu/programs/continuing_education/all/

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