Arts Council of Lake Oswego (ACLO) invites you to

Make a Zine

WHAT IS A ‘ZINE’? Pronounced “ZEEN”, zines are generally cheap forms of printed expression/communication on any subject. They are often handmade and locally distributed (think handmade booklet) allowing the zinester (zine maker/artists/writer) to share their thoughts and ideas with the world.  Zines resist mainstream media, ideals and profit to offer an alternative, grass-roots mode of communication. For the program book, see the online version on our website – CLICK HERE TO BE CONNECTED TO ONLINE GALLERY PAGE!

Now that you know what a zine is, let’s make one! Follow along with Kate Bingaman-Burt on the video below. Or, if you want a step-by-step print version, go to our website by clicking here!

Here are some ideas on what to make:

  1. What are you doing through the COVID-19 quarantine? Show us!
  2. How do you feel about the COVID-19
  3. What are you cooking in your kitchen?
  4. Have some fun indoor activity ideas?


Share your zines with us! Tag us in the photos you share of your zine and use the hashtag:  #TheArtOfHomemadeResistance

For email submissions – we will post them to our web page! [email protected]

For social media submissions
Facebook @ArtscouncilLakeOswego
Instagram @artscounciloflakeoswego

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