The Clackamas County Arts Alliance is an Oregon Cultural Trust qualified cultural nonprofit. This means that donating to arts and culture AND claiming a tax credit for yourself is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Donate to Oregon Trust qualified cultural nonprofits
  2. Complete a matching donation to the Cultural Trust
  3. Claim the Cultural Tax Credit on your Oregon state taxes!

The Oregon Cultural Trust is Oregon’s unique engine for fueling culture. By inspiring participation in the cultural tax credit, Oregonians fund the Cultural Trust. The Trust, in turn, funds the artists, potters, rappers, acrobats and dreamers who make Oregon, Oregon. Its three grant programs fund the five Statewide Partners, 45 county and tribal Coalitions and qualified cultural nonprofits through competitive Cultural Development Grants.

Our own Clackamas County Cultural Coalition is one of the 45 county and tribal Cultural Coalitions funded directly by the Trust and unique to our state! Allocating Cultural Trust funds in the form of grants is the Coalition’s primary function; however, the Coalition also strives to nurture and brighten the cultural scene throughout Clackamas County. The Coalition endeavors to encourage support and participation in our culture, that is, everything that revives the human spirit.

For more information on the Oregon Cultural Trust and the Cultural Tax Credit, visit: