This year, we are so excited to announce the addition of arts and culture entertainment for Art Extravaganza. Running throughout the event, stop into the auditorium and hear exciting musical performances, take in original poetry, and even enjoy some local theatre!

11 – 11:20 am

Youth Music Project Intern Band
Zac Cross, Lauren Flick, Nick Boatman

Performing new wave hits of the 80’s to Classic Rock numbers such as Johnny B. Goode, the Youth Music Project’s Intern Band is made up of three stellar musicians who are part of our paid internship program. When they aren’t rocking the stage, they provide assistance in music classes and co-run a monthly teen open mic at Youth Music Project, a non-profit music center that serves over 1,500 kids every year.

Youth Music Project provides outstanding music education to children throughout Clackamas County, with a focus on opportunity and inclusivity. It is founded on two beliefs: music is essential to child development, and all children deserve access to quality musical experiences. We don’t just teach music. We give kids the tools and experiences they need to grow into capable, confident, and creative young adults.

12 – 12:20 pm

Poet Emmett Wheatfall

Emmett Wheatfall lives in Portland, Oregon where he reads, writes, and performs poetry. Emmett has published five books of poetry. They are He Sees Things (2010), We Think We Know (2011), The Meaning of Me (2012), Bread Widow (2013), and his first hardback collection titled Fragments (2015). Emmett has written four chapbooks under the titles Queen of the NileI Too AM A Slave, The Majestic, and Midnight In Madrid. His poems have been published in online journals and periodicals.

1 – 1:20 pm

Chapel Theatre Collective

Chapel Theatre co-founder and Chapel Theatre Collective’s Associate Artistic Director, Illya Torres-Garner, and Chapel Theatre Collective’s Artistic Director, Jason Glick, will perform a few of their favorite monologues for you. They will also read excerpts from the shows in Chapel Theatre Collective’s inaugural season, which begins in October. They will be available after their short performance to answer any questions you might have and share their excitement for all that will be happening with their theatre company!