Using the power of theatre to unlock potential by giving youth a voice and connecting them to their community.

This flagship project began in 2011, and runs annually in the summer for 5-7 weeks, Youth Theatre for Change offers selected teens the opportunity to work with theater professionals to develop skills, share experiences and create an original play based on their own words. The project culminates in a performance of this play for the public, giving voice to their stories, challenges, successes and hopes

Since its inception in 2011, Youth Theatre for Change has continued to improve and enhance the experience offered to youth in the form of post program internship and educational opportunities, and expanded partnerships with Clackamas Community College and Clackamas Repertory Theatre.

In 2013, Youth Theatre for Change received an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties, which recognizes unique and innovative county programs.

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Final Performance

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
7:oo pm

Osterman Theatre
19600 Molalla Ave.
Oregon City

Participant Comments

Now that I performed in front of all of you guys that I don’t know, it feels good. It shows you that you are capable of doing anything you want. Anything…It gives you power to stand up to someone you don’t know and show them what you got.

I consider everyone here my friend…after the first couple of sessions, I know I was excited to come every Tuesday and Thursday. I wanted to come, because I liked seeing the people I was with, and I liked the activities we did, and it just kept my time in order and I was productive with what I was doing.

I liked the opportunity they gave us to speak out. I thought that was pretty cool–just to say what we wanted to say in that play.

I think it felt good to just get your word out. I can do anything if I put my mind to it. It was just a really good experience.

Youth Theatre for Change 2015 Performance & Talk Back

Audience Comments

Raw, real and impactful. Impressed at the youths’ willingness to put it all out there for us to learn from them!

Everyone did a great job. It was awesome to hear and know what everyone felt. It made me realize that we should listen to all the teenagers in the community.

Impressed. Hopeful. Wonderful performance!