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Bridge Charms

  82nd Ave. Pedestrian Bridge Between Gladstone & Oregon City
Dedicated August 28, 2009

Artists:  Dale Wilhelm and James Schmidt
Budget: $9,000

Project Description “Bridge Charms” is a sculptural work that consists of suspended stainless steel cable strung through the girders at either end of the 82nd Drive / Park Place Pedestrian Bridge. From the cable, dangle objects, bejeweling the Bridge like a charm bracelet. The ornamental pendants represent the recreational uses of the Bridge/Clackamas River area, the natural aspects of the region and the historical references of the region. Additionally, circular colored pendants reflect color onto the Bridge and the surrounding environment. After extensive research and feedback from the stakeholder committee, WES employee and bird aficionado Dan Strong, Oregon City Mayor Alice Norris, and Erik Thorsgard and Tony Johnson, Cultural Liasons from the Grande Ronde Confederation, the artists selected the following objects for the pendants:

Fly Fishing
Chinook Paddle
Fish Skeleton
Model-T Automobile
Wagon Wheel
Old-fashioned Tree Saw
Cedar Osprey Sneaker (shoe)
Old fashioned Faucet
Merganser (duck)

Art Selection Committee
Amy Kyle, Water Environment Services
Anya Relleve, Water Environment Services
Lynda Orzen, Local Artist, Three Rivers Artists Guild
LeeAnn Gadilauskas, Clackamas County Public Art Steering Committee

Project Management Team
Cheryl Snow, Executive Director, Clackamas County Arts Alliance
Betsy Bostwick, Public Art Managaer, Clackamas County Arts Alliance