Elevations in Transition

Oregon City Elevator, Oregon City, OR

Artist:  Michael Asbill 
Project Budget:  $25,250
Year Installed:  2008


Project Description

A series of triple lenticular photographic prints, representing historic and contemporary images based on artist-conducted research. Prints are situated under the windows surrounding the interior elevator deck, on the elevator housing facing the deck entry and in the access tunnel. The prints are enhanced with a floor treatment on the deck, consisting of engraved concrete imagery, composed of geometric shapes based on historic city maps elicited through artist research.

Selection Committee

Pat Averill
Chuck Clemans
Eli Jimenez
Nancy Kraushaar
John Lewis
Paula Lewis
Anne Paris
Sarrah Torres

Arts Alliance Staff  

Nancy Nye – Project Manager
Betsy Bostwick – Project Manager
Cheryl Snow – Executive Director