Happy Valley Fred Meyer Mural

Happy Valley, OR

Dedicated November, 2016

Artists:  Angelina Marino-Heidel and Joel Heidel

Budget: $9,000


Project Description /  Scope of Work

The mural within the new Happy Valley Fred Meyer was to be prominently displayed in the interior public dining area as part of the Kroger Company’s commitment to involving local artists in beautifying new stores. The chosen artists, Angelina Marino-Heidel and Joel Heidel, were asked to celebrate the spirit of community, unique identity of the neighborhood and its natural surroundings. In the mural, they embodied the store’s location perfectly, including Scouters Mountain, farm land/fields and even a view of Mt. Hood in the distance.

Art Selection Committee

Steve Koper – City of Happy Valley Planning Services Manager
Jaimie Lorenzini – City of Happy Valley Project Manager & Policy Analyst
Michael Morrow – City of Happy Valley Former City Council Member
Bo Wachendorf – Kroger Art Project Manager

Project Manager

Elizabeth Klein – Clackamas County Arts Alliance