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Molalla Timber & Saw Milling Murals

Molalla, OR
Dedicated July 5, 2012

Artist:  David S. Gordon
Budget: $29,000

Project Description

Logging Mural 

The mural focuses on a high climber just after he has limed and topped a spar tree.  Although the work is hard and dangerous, the man stops for a moment to contemplate his view.  The thoughts of the man perched high on a tree looking out on the forest are left for the view to imagine.  This image explores several aspects of timber cutting that are integral in a depiction of the logging industry; the beauty of the landscape, the nature of the work itself, and the interaction between these two elements.  A working man, connection to his tools, begins the process of harvesting wood from a Doug Fir forest.  After the spar tree is rigged, cut timber can be moved to the staging ground and then transported to the mills.  Although this image illustrates only the beginning of the process, it stands as a symbol of the danger, professionalism and satisfaction of an honest day’s work in this industry, experiencing the view after felling the top of a Douglas Fir tree.

Sawmill Mural

This mural, situated on the Southwest side of the structure portrays the small, family owned sawmill as an important component of the Molalla community for many years.  Landowners were able to generate income from their property using the prevailing technology of the circular saw and a moving carriage.  The logs were transported and loaded to the mill site and run through the saw many times to create milled wood.  The sawyer working in the mills is referenced from a photo of John Watson (at the Yoder Mill).  The younger worker is the next generation of sawmill worker.  The scene outside the mills structure shows a mature stand of Doug Fir in the distance, and Doug Fir seedlings growing in the meadow, representing another generational transition.  The yellowish light in the sawmill is

Art Selection Committee

Eileen Belanger – Artist Consultant

Alicia Cook – Portland General Electric, Molalla Resident

Mike Graves – Timber/Logging Business Owner

Mary Lynn Jacob – Molalla Arts Commission

Stan Low – Timber/Logging Business Owner

Mary Robertson – Resident

Jude Strader – Molalla Arts Commission

Public Art Project Manager

Elizabeth Klein – Program Manager, Clackamas County Arts Alliance