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Stafford/Borland Roundabout, West Linn, OR
Dedicated June 29, 2010

Artists:   Ivan McLean
Budget: $14,000

Project Description

A steel and concrete sculpture in the center of the Stafford-Borland Roundabout. The piece was inspired by the way a boulder can be carved by thousands of years of swift water–it is a tribute to the area’s rivers.


Art Selection Committee Nancy Nye, Local Resident Bill Markt, Former Chair, Stafford Hamlet Jan Fowler, Clackamas County Public Art Steering Committee Cheryl Brock, Arts Council of Lake Oswego Bobbi Ambrosini, Local Artist Vince Hall, Clackamas County Transportation and Development

Project Management Cheryl Snow, Executive Director, Clackamas County Arts Alliance Betsy Bostwick, Public Art Manager, Clackamas County Arts Alliance