RiPPLe Effect Legacy Sculpture

City of Oregon City, OR
Installed Spring 2013

Artist: Ben Dye
Budget: $4,500

Project Description / Scope of work

The project’s first phase (mid August through early September) included a metal-salvage mission in the Clackamas or Willamette Rivers with We Love Clean Rivers prior to Clean-up event days.

The project’s second phase built public awareness and support for the Legacy Sculpture through an interactive demonstration experience for Willamette Falls Festival attendees. The artist created a rudimentary armature in-studio, delivered it to the Bridge deck and by using provided salvaged materials, guided attendees to participate by wiring or otherwise affixing scrap to the armature.

The project’s final phase was fabricating the sculpture to be permanently sited in Clackamette Park.  During this phase, the artist consulted with the Arts Alliance, We Love Clean Rivers and City of Oregon City staff to determine siting and installation logistics.  The completed sculpture is now part of a larger interpretative display, describing the project and We Love Clean Rivers’ mission.

Project Background

The “Down the River Clean Up” on the Clackamas River was established in 2002 by eNRG Kayaking.  We Love Clean Rivers 501c3 was incorporated in 2008, and now serves annually as project manager. The Clackamas River cleanup has attracted over 2,200 volunteers who have collectively removed more than 42,000 pounds of trash, pulling out 3.4 tons last year in a single day.

After removal from the river, items are sorted by master recyclers at 3 different dump sites. The piles are then trashed, recycled, and re-purposed. We Love Clean Rivers invited artists to select items to create artwork for the Ripple Effect Art Show annual public exhibit.

Through a partnership with the Arts Alliance, and the Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition, We Love Clean Rivers introduced the Ripple Effect Legacy Sculpture project at the Willamette Falls Festival October 12-14th. The project was the center piece for the Oregon City/West Linn arch bridge re-opening.  Partners worked with the selected artist to coordinate an interactive sculpture experience for Festival attendees on the bridge itself during the weekend.

Art Selection Steering Committee

Scott Archer – Community Services Director, City of Oregon City
Sam Drevo – Director, We Love Clean Rivers
Cheryl Snow – Executive Director, Clackamas County Arts Alliance

Public Art Project Managers

Elizabeth Klein                      Program Manager, Clackamas County Arts Alliance