West Linn, OR
Dedicated October 22, 2012

Artists:  Ben Dye
Budget: $2,500


Project Description

The construction was done with the reclaimed Stainless Steel from the main cook stove removed from the Colton Fire Station.  Only non-magnetic stainless was used to insure that there will be no rust and the sculpture would be able to withstand all weather conditions with no additional maintenance.

The “heron” was built by welding small squares of Stainless Steel over a re-bar armature.  The plates are attached in a similar fashion as roof shingles. This will result (as with feathers) that the water will shed and not puddle.

Art Selection Committee

Vicki Handy – West Linn Parks & Recreation Parks Advisory Board

Shannon McBride – Art Educator, Artist

Elizabeth Rocchia – Willamette Neighborhood Association

Ken Warner – Recreation Director, City of West Linn