Q:  I’ve been painting for a few years and would like to start showing my work in public. How do I get started?

A: Great! Congratulations on deciding to take the big step out of the studio and into the art world. Some of the basic things you need to consider: getting quality images made of your best, recent work; having your work framed in the best materials you can afford; and finally, getting organized with complete inventory records of your work and a well written artist statement and resume.

Q: My family will be hosting relatives from out of state next month. I’d like a listing of events and historical sites to show them while they’re here. Is there something like that available? 

A: Sure! Check out our Calendar of Events.

Q: I am a local artist. How can I be included in your Artist Exhibit Program?

A: Each fall, we select artists for our rotating quarterly exhibition program for the following year. Please visit our AEP page to review current guidelines, submission requirements, and application process.

Q:  I am looking to support the arts in a meaningful way.  Where can I find information about giving, volunteering, or other opportunities in Clackamas County?

A:  The Arts Action Alliance Foundation, the Clackamas Cultural Coalition, and the Oregon Cultural Trust all provide opportunities for giving both financially and with your time to support local arts and culture. These programs directly impact programs which improve livability and educational opportunities right here in Clackamas County.