Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts, dba Summit Arts Center 

All positions on the board of directors for CCAC are volunteer. Work with a dynamic group of individuals and artists working to create an arts campus located in the village of Government Camp on Mt. Hood. CCAC utilizes approximately 6+ acres of Cascadian Environment property to present arts and cultural programming and events to the public and small groups. Partnerships with Forest Service and Mt Hood National Forest ensure the organization is open to the public and non-discriminatory. As this is a volunteer board, monthly meetings are set according to members availability.

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In you are interested in any of the below opportunities, please email Betsy Valian at [email protected] to submit your brief resume and explain your personal interest in joining this board. CCAC is also open to new positions if you feel you can bring your skills to the organization to develop and enhance our programming or build capacity in fundraising or development. All board members are expected to participate in fundraising on some level — either by contributing names for the mailing list or by making connections with possible donors. This can be done in many ways depending on the individual.

Board Positions Available

Legal Advisor
Current member of the Oregon Bar or retired and current on legal issues. Occasional creation of any needed staff contracts or peruse any contracts or permits for board approval and signature. We are a small organization; the number of contracts is minimal, usually for program administration, caretaker, etc. Legal advice on program liabilities or any general legal guidelines for the organization. General board service optional; may just offer pro bono legal services as needed.

Position Duties: Monthly minutes taken and submitted to the board at least one week before next board meeting date for approval or edit by board at next meeting. Letters of appreciation and thank you letters sent to patrons and donors. General board service. Create monthly agenda for edit by chair at least one week prior to next meeting.

Program Development Director
Director Duties: Increase the diversity of class, workshop, lecture and event offerings as studio space allows. Develop year-round programming keeping in mind the variables in weather for easy season and plan for necessary plowing. Create short-term class offerings for visitors to the area looking for something other than outdoor recreation opportunities or ‘one or two day experiences’ in mediums that can be taught with limited time allowed. Recruit new instructors. Emphasis on painting, jewelry, glass (excluding blown glass), photography, or any medium that lends itself to the CCAC studio space, including literary retreats, relevant lectures, small groups on environment and cultural interest. Regular board service. Monthly report to board if applicable.

Fundraising and Development Director
Director Duties: Create an annual fundraiser and solicitation with target amount of at least $10,000 per year combined. Create a main donor mailing/e-mailing list. Include one main fundraising event with invitations using digital media and mailing to patrons (solicitation). Coordinate with ‘Friends’ director. Create an editable spreadsheet of patrons and donation amounts by ‘level’ to present to board bi-annually. All directors are expected to contribute name, etc. General board service. Brief monthly report to board.

Public Relations & Social Media Director
Weekly updates to CCAC Facebook page. Fluent in all forms of social media. Post new class offerings and information including photos. Create and maintain a current monthly ‘blog’ for CCAC. Attend CCTCA ‘social media workshops’ and meetings as needed by director for personal development. Work directly with CCTCA on social media advertising and co-op ad opportunities. Annual: Government Camp Marketing Counsel for CPP Grant. No grant writing experience needed. This position could also involve some print advertising efforts. Helpful if candidate is proficient in one graphics program for creation of posters and flyers. General board service. Brief monthly report to board.

Director of Volunteers
Create a spreadsheet of volunteers including their interests, skills and contact information. Volunteers needed in annual fundraiser, event support, studio technicians, volunteer instructors or any skill that lends itself to the project. Develop a base of volunteers for any future efforts at CCAC. General board service. Will coordinate with both Fundraising Director and Public Relations Director. Brief monthly report to board. Monthly report and attendance not necessary.

This is a list of needed skills for the future development of CCAC. If you believe you can bring one of the following to the board, you are most welcome to submit your resume:

  • Contacts in the arts world and introductions to new instructors or students.
  • Major donor to the organization.
  • Expertise in any skill that would be beneficial to any of the above efforts and positions.
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