As we enter the new year and begin to move forward after our period of transition, the Arts Alliance is seeking additional members for our Board of Directors as well as members to participate in our new committees. Under the leadership of our new Executive Director, Dianne, and our Board of Directors, we are moving forward with a new strategy for both responding to arts and culture needs throughout the county as well as advocate on behalf of arts and culture interests to the county.

The mission and goals of the Arts Alliance remain unchanged under this new structure, as we seek the most effective way to support, develop, and promote access to arts and culture in all our communities through information, resources, and leadership.

In this new structure, we see the following statements as guiding principles for our work in the county:

  • Clackamas County’s creative artists contribute to our collective strength, vitality, and community health.
  • The arts are crucial to a complete education for all children, and integrating arts into our schools transforms learning, strengthens communities, and increases academic success.
  • The unique cultural heritage and history of Clackamas County must be preserved and celebrated.
  • The synergy that takes place when organizations and individuals share resources leads to a thriving arts and culture environment.

As such, the Arts Alliance remains committed to serving as the connection point, lending expertise and consultation in support of the county’s goals for arts and culture and in representation of the county’s arts and culture community. This will be accomplished with the following three-fold approach.

  1. The Arts Alliance seeks to serve as both liaison and advocate for the county arts and culture community, providing leadership, resources, and direction as well as functioning as convener for individual artists (by discipline,) in addition to the various arts and culture groups throughout Clackamas County.
  2. The Arts Alliance seeks to advise local businesses and Clackamas County city governments seeking arts and culture expertise, always looking for ways to connect local businesses or government with the county’s arts and culture community for collaboration in support of local economic development and cultural tourism.
  3. The Alliance seeks to support the county in a proactive way enabling them to understand the various needs as well as the positive impact of the arts and culture community in the county.

Board of Directors – Meets monthly. Members must be approved by the Board and Executive Director.

Committees – Under this new structure, we will also support five specific committees, to serve as further information and communication conduits, liaising between their specific communities, disciplines, and organizations and the Arts Alliance Board of Directors. The expectation is that committee members will come together 4 – 5 times a year, and as a group identify one task or event to benefit their discipline in the next 12 months.

Arts Alliance Committees

Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Literary Arts
Local Arts Organizations/Councils

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