Ready, Set, Grant!

If you're looking to improve your organization’s ability to find and sustain funding, this grant writing training will help with basic concepts and provide a roadmap to funding success.

Origami Mushroom – Yuki Martin

In this video, the instructor shows you how to fold a mushroom, reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest's wet season.

Painting Basics: Color Mixing – Julie Barrett

This class will cover basic color theory. Acrylic paints and a pallete knife are used to blend primary and secondary colors. An activity will be introduced to enhance color blending skills.

Crayon Rubbings – Julia Barbee

It’s fun to use crayons to make rubbings of things while on a walk, or making a souvenir while on a vacation. Or bring items home to make rubbings after a nature walk in your neighborhood.

SoulCollage® Tutorial – Laura Strudwick

Learn a little bit about the expressive arts practice called SoulCollage®. The tutorial covers the basic premise of SoulCollage®, along with making and reading a card.