Spring Time Origami

Let’s celebrate the most beautiful time in the Pacific Northwest by folding some flowers and warm weather creatures in origami!

Palette Knife Painting

Learn to create an impasto style painting called "Poppy Fields" with a palette knife and other fun tools.

Introduction to Assemblage

Join Art-O-Maddic Gallery artist, Becky Albeke for an introduction to assemblage class, with basic design elements discussed.

Memoir Writing Class

This three-part class guides you in writing, reflecting on, and shaping the luminous details of your past—the colors, tastes, songs, fragrances, and people you can’t forget—into a coherent, meaningful story to share with others.

Alcohol Ink Workshop with Cerebral Artworks

Join Cerebral Artworks to learn the art of painting with alcohol ink by using different techniques and then using those techniques to make your own unique piece of art.

Creative Connections

NAMI volunteer Dixie Junius will host Creative Connections, a weekly hour of artmaking and interaction.

Make-It Mondays

Each month will feature a different project. For April: Spring Wreath!

Origami Mushroom – Yuki Martin

In this video, the instructor shows you how to fold a mushroom, reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest's wet season.

Painting Basics: Color Mixing – Julie Barrett

This class will cover basic color theory. Acrylic paints and a pallete knife are used to blend primary and secondary colors. An activity will be introduced to enhance color blending skills.

Crayon Rubbings – Julia Barbee

It’s fun to use crayons to make rubbings of things while on a walk, or making a souvenir while on a vacation. Or bring items home to make rubbings after a nature walk in your neighborhood.

SoulCollage® Tutorial – Laura Strudwick

Learn a little bit about the expressive arts practice called SoulCollage®. The tutorial covers the basic premise of SoulCollage®, along with making and reading a card.