Class Medium & Description

It’s fun to use crayons to make rubbings of things while on a walk, or making a souvenir while on a vacation. Or bring items home to make rubbings after a nature walk in your neighborhood. It’s a good excuse to get outside!

Necessary Materials to Participate

Old broken crayons with the papers removed, paper

About the Artist

The constraints of her autobiographical journey inform artist Julia Barbee’s subjects and material choices. She has worked with wearable sculpture, performance, film, food, social media, photography, retail space, and the written word. Currently, she is exploring play with her children, and creating a homeschool preschool curriculum for them with her husband based on the alphabet. On many special occasions she makes pavlovas for gatherings, often documenting the vanitas aftermath. With her husband and a friend, she co-founded and curated a five-year running art event called Spaceness. She has an MFA in fiber, and has been working in Portland, Oregon for almost two decades where she lives with her family.

Did You Take the Class? 

Email the Arts Alliance at [email protected] and let us know if you created your very own crayon rubbing. We’d love to hear more about your experience!

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