Class Medium & Description

This is one video in the series of “Japanese Cultural ‘Edutainment’ with Music” videos by Yumi Torimaru, Kotori Japanese Music. The series introduces Japanese culture and music. With this particular video, Yumi will introduce three Japanese music instruments: Taiko Drums, Shinobue (bamboo flute), and Tsugaru Shamisen (Japanese lute).

Necessary Materials to Participate


About the Artist

Yumi Torimaru is the director of the Portland-based non-profit organization, Takohachi, and a creator of Kotori Japanese Music. With Takohachi and Kotori Japanese Music, Yumi introduces Japanese Culture through music. For more Japanese Cultural ‘Edutainment’ with Music videos, visit “KotoriJapaneseMusic” on YouTube.

You can find the playlist for the ‘Edutainment’ videos here:

Did You Take the Class? 

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