Class Medium & Description

Careful, repetitive motions of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is a meditative practice that brings peace in mind. In this video, the instructor Yuki shows you how to fold a water lily and a lily pad, symbols of rebirth and enlightenment in many cultures.

Necessary Materials to Participate

6″x 6″ size or larger squared washi (Japanese handmade paper) or paper napkin and a similar sized green squared paper

About the Artist

Born and raised in Japan and living in Portland, Oregon, Yuki Martin is an artist, instructor, and writer with a special interest in origami. She has taught origami at schools, libraries, camps, elderly care facilities, correctional facilities, and events since 2007. Her work has been featured at events at Oregon Zoo, Oregon Historical Society, Portland Art Museum, Portland Japanese Garden, and many more. Yuki is also the author of Super Cute Origami Kit (Tuttle Publishing).

Did You Take the Class? 

Email the Arts Alliance at [email protected] and let us know if you participated in Yuki’s origami class. We’d love to hear more about your experience!

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